Falling down the stairs at No.1

The fact is that every year, thousand of children aged between 0 and 4, end up in the emergency room due to an accident on the stairs.

63,000 children (aged 0-4) are treated annually for injuries sustained in the home. This means that every day, on average, 178 children are injured as a result of an accident at home. Consumer & Safety (2011) ) 

Every day, an average of 13 children visit the emergency room after falling down the stairs.
Consumer & Safety (2011)

Every year, 26,000 children (aged 0-4) visit the emergency room as a result of a fall. Consumer & Safety (2011)

Research shows that parents consider the staircase the most dangerous source of potential injuries.

Consument_en_VeiligheidConsumer and Safety Foundation Safety Barometer parents of children aged 0-4           

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