Stair Trainer

Your child’s own handrail

The mippaa® Stair Trainer helps children walk up and down a fixed staircase.


Safely walk up and down the stairs.

The mippaa® Stair Trainer helps children from the age of 1 to go up and down the stairs. By giving your child their own handrail, your child will learn to climb the stairs more safely, stably and independently. This will increase your child’s confidence.

Fast, easy and sturdy.

The mippaa® Stair Trainer consists of a thin handrail and a handrail holder. This fits onto any standard handrail. Installation is quick and easy.

Basic kit A

The basic mippaa® Stair Trainer kit is 3.5 metres long and consists of five handrail holders, four handrail sections and two ends. The Basic kit is suitable for a long staircase of up to 3.65m in length. This is easy to shorten.

Price € 69,95


Extension kit B

For shorter sections of staircase, there is an Extension kit, which is 1.12 metres long. The Extension kit consists of two handrail holders, a handrail element and two ends. This length is suitable for shorter sections of staircase of up to 1.45 metres in length.

Price € 39,95

extention kit

Fits all types of staircase.

Thanks to the modular system, the mippaa® Stair Trainer fits onto any type of staircase. The tubes are easy to fit to size and are flexible enough to follow the slope of the original handrail.

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Which colour suits your style?

The mippaa® Stair Trainer is currently available in white. Future colours include taupe and orange.

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